The Tech

We are a collective of engineers, designers, data scientists, and product leaders who create technology as a catalyst for innovation and positive industry change.

We’re one of those scaling technology startups. Think many small teams, devops, millions of users, hundreds of git repos, crazy experimenting.

While most fashion brands, including digitally native, use third party solutions which aren’t necessarily fitted for fashion challenges (from inventory management to supplier’s integration or even influencer marketing), Adore Me has built a complete suite of proprietary software dedicated to handling fashion specific needs across the whole value chain.

When we talk about technology, there’s an ocean of complexity below the tip of the iceberg - from our practices and rituals, our experimenting tools that allow us to perform 100 experiments per year, the stacks and frameworks we choose, the data analysis and decision making, to user research and making something available on the internet.

We’re always evolving and change is everywhere. So we’re either moving from a monolithic architecture to microservices, from MySQL databases to a cloud DWH, moving from local environments to a serverless Machine Learning platform, there’s always some technical enablers to be done. We manage a lot of uncertainty and always contribute to Adore Me larger mission to offer accessible inclusive and sustainable fashion.

The Company

At Adore Me we take on seemingly impossible challenges.

In 2011, we were founded to solve a single problem: help women buy bras online. It might seem like a simple task, but a bra is one of the most complex and personal garments in existence. Managing the design, procurement, logistics, and customer experience involved is an uphill climb, but one that built our company to take on increasingly greater challenges.

Adore Me grew into the first major online player in lingerie, as well as the first to introduce inclusive sizing in the category. We launched a wholly-owned logistics center, Adore Me Services, in 2017, the same year we became profitable (something very important to us), and opened the second fulfillment center in 2021. We've launched a pioneering try-at-home shopping service, a number of innovation-focused satellite brands, and most importantly, an affordable #sustainability model that is transforming our entire business to make sustainable clothing available to consumers of all shapes, sizes, and spending abilities.

The job

You will work in a self-organized full-stack scrum team. Alongside AI/data people, backend folks (php, python), test engineers, product & UX people and scrum masters.

As a Senior Web Developer, you’ll be playing all day long with web page design, implementing e-commerce experiences on the Shopify platform, user experience, funnels, etc. for our sister brands: Adore Me’s new D2C brands in the fashion, beauty, and femtech space. Adore Me is building a group of strong brands meant to cater to our customer’s needs at different stages of her life.

Your role will be to help us build high-quality Shopify websites for each of them, develop membership or subscription specific funnels to optimize AOV and LTV, select and unify the Shopify apps and tools that create the sister brands ecosystem, including our own apps developed on a PHP/Laravel stack, all the while ensuring a strong connection with our own internal systems and microservices. We’re all a bit multidisciplinary so you should not be afraid to investigate some data weirdness, give input on the flow of a membership funnel and debug failing tests.


JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Shopify, Liquid, PHP, Laravel, Git, REST, API, opensource, UI, UX, agile, scrum, kanban, continuous improvement, pair programming, unit testing, continuous integration.


Experienced with frontend and backend technologies and you love your craft. Familiarity with the Shopify ecosystem is a plus. Know your web stuff so a water cooler chat on the latest frontend frameworks like Angular or React doesn’t scare you, and you can survive on a Linux box.

You’re a builder and you want to impact the world around you. So you need to get stuff done, solve problems & move fast. You are able to work autonomously and explain things in a simple way.

You’re optimistic, have a high self-worth, speak your mind, and have strong empathy for your peers. More of a team player than a lone wolf.

The perks

Competitive pay. Private health services. Trips to our Manhattan office. Continuous learning. Playful mood. Punching bag. Specialty coffee. Did we mention continuous learning? Hipster mansion near Cismigiu. We're hosting meetups and we're going to conferences. Lounge chairs in the garden. Experienced engineers doing no-bullshit work. Macbooks and fancy dev tools.