Adore Me is the lingerie underdog, disrupting a huge traditional industry. We started the journey just 5 years ago and we’re one of the fastest growing companies in the US. The tech factor is strong in our DNA. We have more engineers than marketers, fashion designers or business folks and we’re proud of it.

The end goal is to craft the perfect bra and ship it to millions of women. So we’re talking about scalable ecommerce, coordinating our factories & robots in the distribution center, internal tools that catalyze everything.

We’re one of those scaling technology startups. Think many small teams, devops, millions of users, hundreds of git repos, crazy experimenting.

  • Diana

    Data Engineer

    “ What I loved from the very beginning is the meritocracy. We're always encouraged to propose new ideas, to challenge, to ask and learn new things: a new and cool solution might come from anywhere. Everyone has a voice, regardless of your experience. ”

  • Andrei P

    Tech Lead

    “ We have awesome people, product, management and challenges. We are a startup with corporate challenges, where we really have to fix shit and innovate while growing. You'll not find this in to many places as a developer. ”

  • Laura I

    BE Developer

    “ A super cool place for personal and proffesional development, challenging job and constantly improving work environment. I now do daily introspection and I can receive and give feedback without feeling judged. Adore Me: it's a safe place! ”



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